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long love letters for her from the heart

long love letters for her from the heart

long love letters for her from the heart

"Express your deepest emotions with these heartfelt and beautifully crafted long love letters for her. Pouring out your love, admiration, and appreciation, each letter is a testament to the profound connection you share. 

Let your words envelop her in a cocoon of affection, making her feel cherished, understood, and cherished. Explore this collection of intimate love letters that capture the essence of your feelings and strengthen the bond you both hold dear."

"Welcome to a treasury of sentiments and affection - our compilation of 'Long Love Letters for Her from the Heart.' Within these pages, you'll discover an array of eloquently penned expressions of love, meticulously woven together to convey the depths of your feelings.

 Each letter is a testament to the unique connection you share, a testament to your unwavering devotion. Delve into this collection and let your emotions flow freely through the power of words."

Letter No. 1

hey my cute Aisha....... how are you.
I hope you are well. And dua, always be good, smile, be happy, know this smile on your face always. I don't understand why you like it so much. I am falling in love with you. 

I have been in love with you since the day you put on a saree in front of me. Acha Siam Gurlo behind you again Tamim again Abir why you did not agree, they do not look good. Anyway, I am proposing to you after a few days, I don't know if you will agree or not. 

I will say it once. If you agree, I will not leave your life. i love you so much Whatever it is, stay smooth

You don't know it dear man

Letter No. 2 

Assalamu Alaikum. Sudhakar! You can be someone very close to me. 

Or who knows, maybe we have never met, never talked. But if we had known each other, we could have been very good friends. Life goes on, usually life. 

The day starts from leaving the bed to sleep, in the middle of the rat race just to stay alive, a dull life without variety. Is this what life really is? What a terrible a/ka/whatness among all, every moment spent in emptiness. 

Why is there a lack of time despite having a lot of time? Two things are not said openly. No one hears the heartbeat. I didn't even think a few days ago that I will present you in the white pages of the envelope of the letter. 

This is completely unexpected even for myself. I am writing to you, suddenly floating in a wave of inadequate emotions in the depths of my mind. 

Good luck! You felt the emotion of this Bedouin sender in the letter from the post office where you picked up the moss-covered letter and shared it on the comment and letter timeline, mentioning the heart's attraction to the letter house! 

There are no words in the vocabulary of his mind to describe the waves and waves of joy that filled the heart of this Bedouin messenger. So I'm expressing my inability. 

Sushmamayi! I thought I might be the first to write you this letter and with that fascination you spoke of your attraction! But no! I was wrong, my thinking was wrong. When I scrolled through your timeline a few of your earlier letters seemed to pierce my chest! 

I have no complaints about those letters! But the language of the letters must appear to a person of good taste and sound mind to be reprehensible and vulgar. 

A well-written and well-mannered woman like you must have caught the matter. You know! Neglected concrete sometimes contributes enormously to building strong buildings, sometimes inflicting huge blows on pedestrians' feet unknowingly. 

This neglected concrete can form two poles. The letters I received from you earlier have not been able to bind my insufficient emotions to some extent. Pa m is not! Every time I make a mistake, the beginning of a letter is just b/a/b/a. 

Wishing you well before the end. Pumkin! I was a bit curious to know the meaning of this address, but it's okay if I don't tell you now, I hope you will tell me one day if you know. But now, Salamun Alaiki! end- An annoying person.


Letter No. 3

Mr. Engineer, 

I did not start with the address 'dear'. You are my favorite or you know very well. People say that everything is hidden is beautiful but I... You will receive a letter from me every year on this day, inshallah. Happy birthday snowman. 

I know my name will come to your mind first when you get the letter notification, because no one will do this work except me. Why do I feel so happy even though it's your birthday??

 I am incredibly happy today. In last year's letter, I told you how it feels to get wet in the rain, how it feels to fall in the snow, and how it feels to be a josna night. He added another thing, I like to go around in a rickshaw at night. 

you don't know Mr. Shun, I have extra prayers for you. Tushar, if you ever need to sacrifice yourself for your well-being, this woman will do it. Happy birthday to you. A lot of things are desired by hobby but I never get it.

 I feel free to write everything that pleases me in the sky called "snow". I do not know who is the moon in the sky!!

 The name Tushar is beautiful as a person, you will always be beautiful in my eyes. Snow, how are you? This ounce will truly give itself away. I pray that even in this letter, you will find someone with a good heart in your life, who will love you, and whom you will love so much that you will never let him down. 

If I ever get a chance to see him, I wish I never had that chance. I said in the last letter that I like the sky with light darkness and light light. It's still like that on your head and mine. I pray that I have to be with you for the rest of m

y life. So that you have to suffer all your life Ha ha ha I love you so much I know I make babies with you that's what I like More prayers for a stick of paper to make your family ha ha ha and a stick of paper not to fly in the wind so that you are always like a shadow I pray.

 I have many more prayers. And listen, eat and drink properly, you can take care of yourself, you can see how you take care. Happy birthday once again to the snowman.

 I will make another prayer, but I will not say it. Writing is tough when familiar people write letters without knowing each other. I know this letter is not as beautiful as before.

 But this sleepy Tushar says "Happy BirthDay" the end somebody

Letter No. 4

beloved how are you I don't know you. 

Who knows who was writing about you falls in love with your personality after wearing it. How can a man be so good? 😳 Loves his girlfriend so much. I never look at any girl.

 I haven't seen you either but I like it. I took a lot of effort to find that post from the old post of #Chithi House and got the ID. You will see in my eyes. 

Stay well! the end Pa*g*l for you

Letter No. 5

long love letters for her from the heart

Love this flower! In this way, it will continue. Not to love? I know that I am not worthy of your love, but I love you.

 Because you are a flower lover, if you want to love a person, you will find the image of flowers in him, which you will never find in me. 

So send me a word? I really want to hear you. Don't send 'love'. It's not good. I know that. feel If you don't like it, send it. 

Send me this if you don't like me. Still send some words, please! I want to hear you very much. 

'Khuub means Khuub! "Bisham is like B/S/N"! Iti: I am
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi

 Wabarkatuhu! At the beginning of the letter, take a bunch of roses with love. how are you How are you all at home?

 I haven't seen you for a while! Where did you go? Your body is good? Suddenly I know why I miss you! Maybe you are missed because of your beautiful mind! 

As much as you were happy to receive the letter that day, I could not have imagined that you would be happy with my raw handwriting. It takes a beautiful mind to call someone's ugly writings beautiful.

 I was very happy to receive your reply in the comments. People are happy to receive letters and I was happy to give them. In fact, at the end of the day, it is the beautiful mind Beloved by all! And I find it in you! 

You are very sociable! So you mix well with everyone! Suddenly I remembered one thing! Even among so many things, your name is not known. 

However, it is not necessary to say that if it is not a problem to say, then tell your beautiful name in the inbox.

 I do not know where you are, how are you? But I wish you always be well! Sorry for not being able to write! Well, not today! Allah is Hafez

Letter No. 7

Dear... First of all, 

I apologize. Because, as long as I took the time to understand you, you could have gone far. but did not go You know, I had many misconceptions about you. Coming closer, I realized that you are really a good hearted person. 

Your mind is as white as you. For a long time, falsehood and artifice were never observed among you. People like you are really rare in this age. Missing you a lot lately. Every now and then your face comes to mind.

 Believe me, I swear. I saw you a few days ago; But it seems that I haven't seen you for ages. That's all for today.

 Wherever you are - Rob, keep you well, keep you healthy. End: OMANUS

Letter No. 8

This is a long story, bro,

 why am I looking for you so much? Can't be patient. I can't even find you around. What a situation! But I can see all of you. Listen, no matter how much you look for me, you won't find me.

 I saw. You are writing a note about me and you can't give it to that person. Don't worry you will get that person one day. 

And I saw in the comment that you want to send a surprise for me by courier. But you can't send it because you don't know my address. I will send something again. 

If you want to send something, you can get the address if you knock on the letter house page.

the end
stranger (invisible man)

Letter No. 9

(I do not be the man)

You are fine with your favorite people.
Your dear man is very fortunate that you got a little more than yourself.

And I prayed every day to get you to me. Then he did not find yourself in this life.

 Hopefully the Creator will swallow the distance of this life in the next life, and give you me
Be good to take care of yourself

Let my name be Azan.
But I was a man near you. 

Letter No. 10

Jinia the love 💕, 

forgive me if I am wrong. I can't think of anything without you 🖤 I want you to be mine forever. You are the first desire of my life. I want you so much.

 Please 🙏 bless me with your love. I can never forget you. Try to understand my love for you. I would get to marry you. I will try my best for your happiness inshallah. 

please don't give me back I hope you understand my love. Please please please please please come back to me. I want you to be mine forever and ever and ever.

 I love you dear.🖤🖤🖤

"As we come to the close of this captivating journey through heartfelt words, may these love letters serve as a bridge between your heart and hers. 

Let them be a source of inspiration, a reminder of the profound bond you both share. Just as ink on paper can immortalize emotions, may your love continue to flourish and thrive, nurtured by the sincerity and passion conveyed in these letters. 

May your journey together be one of enduring love and cherished moments, forever etched in the tapestry of your lives."
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